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Inchon Invasion


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September 13, 2015 marks the 65th Anniversary of the Six Sitting Ducks participation in the Inchon Invasion that followed on September 15. The first to fire, the DeHaven along with the Mansfield DD-728, Swenson DD-729, Collette DD-730, Henderson DD-785 and the Gurke DD-783, paved the way for the invasion. We've put together a few links below to help you review this important event.

Eddie Snellings' exclusive Photos of the Invasion from the DeHaven

DeHaven deck logs for the invasion

Our own Bob Sauer remembers

Six Brave Ships

Ten Enemy Vessels Approaching from Assault from the Sea

Enemy Vessels Approaching from Victory at High Tide

Land the Landing Force from Assault from the Sea

The Assault on Red Beach from Victory at High Tide

Operation Chromite from Inchon to Wonsan

More info from the Navy Military History Site

The book Assault from the Sea in PDF format

Shoot Us If You Can - a perspective from the deck of the DeHaven during the invasion.

The Gunnery Officer's View of the invasion. Lieutenant Arthur T. White remembers.

The Taking of Wolmi-Do by Malcolm W. Cagle, CMDR, USN

The Six "Sitting Ducks", an article by Captain Robert A. Schelling CO of the USS Swenson DD-729

The Plan of the Day for September 14, 1950

The Plan of the Day for September 15, 1950

A newspaper article about the 50th Anniversary of the Invasion.

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